Local, experienced, and on your side.

The team at Strelow Insurance & Wealth has over 50 years of experience in protecting Central Queenslanders from unforeseen events and misfortune. We’ve been here as a company for over 20 years. 

​We understand our region and we understand you.

Whether it’s securing your future through smart financial planning or protecting your assets with the right insurance for your situation, we are the team you need.

The Strelow Insurance & Wealth team works throughout Central Queensland, and we are prepared to come to you. 

​By dealing with a broker, you’re working with someone who is on your side. 

​We have relationships with many different insurance companies (more than 150 in fact) but when push comes to shove, you are our client.

​We will be in your corner when it comes time to claim. 

​We act on your behalf, not on behalf of the insurance company, and we ask the tough questions to make sure your family and your financial future are secure. Specialising in personal risk insurance and retirement planning, we are proud to partner with our clients to work towards building sustainable wealth.

​We understand insurance can be daunting. 

We would be happy to sit down with you, to help you understand your current position and how to protect against the risks you face. This is a complimentary service, and we will even shout you a coffee while we talk!


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