No matter the size of your property, there’s a policy that’s right for you

As Central Queensland locals for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on supporting our local primary producers and farmers through quality rural insurance.

Nature and life on the land is unpredictable. The Strelow Insurance & Wealth team can take some of the stress out of your day-to-day with comprehensive rural and farm insurance policies.

We cover you through:


Home and Contents Insurance

Don’t let your home or its contents go uninsured, particularly when it’s the heart of your property and often your head office as well. The Strelow Insurance & Wealth team can tie your home and contents insurance in with rural and farm insurance to get you the best possible coverage.

Farm Buildings Insurance

Standard building insurance might not be right for your sheds or farm buildings. Strelow Insurance & Wealth can insure your farm buildings against anything nature might throw at them – with the right policy wording to protect your business assets.

Public and Products Liability Insurance

Farming and rural businesses aren’t exempt from public and products liability. Your business can be devastated by any legal claims or action brought against you, and public and products liability covers your business in the event of any such claims.

Farm Machinery and Motor Insurance

What would you do if your farm machinery was accidentally damaged? How would you run your business if your vehicles were stolen or in an accident? Our Farm Machinery and Motor Insurance covers some of your most expensive assets in case of any damages (because accidents do happen!), and ensures your business isn’t met with replacement costs that can cripple a business.

Crop Insurance

While there’s no accounting for nature’s changes, crop insurance can cover both for natural disasters and changes in commodity prices that might affect your business adversely. Not all crop insurance policies are equal – but the Strelow Insurance & Financial Services team have decades of experience in interpreting and applying policy wording to make sure you’re covered for your specific circumstances.

Stock insurance

No-one likes to talk about the possibility of stock theft, but it happens. Stock insurance protects your assets against theft or damage, making sure you aren’t left out of pocket for seasons to come.

Transit insurance

Transit insurance will protect your livestock, produce, supplies and/or equipment against anything that may happen in transit, such as theft, overturning, or natural disasters like fire or flood.


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