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Strelow Insurance & Wealth provides tailored insurance packages for business, offering professional advice and saving you time.

We take your unique business and situation into account, selecting cover and policy wordings to protect you.

And if Murphy’s Law knocks on your door, you’ll have the Strelow Insurance & Wealth team by your side every step of the way.

For businesses, we offer the following insurance:


Liability Insurance

Who needs this cover: Everyone in business– whether operating from home, selling retail goods, a tradie, or a professional.

Public and Products Liability insurance is a minimum requirement for many businesses, particularly when submitting large-scale tenders and bids for work. But public liability insurance isn’t generic – every business is different.

Without insurance, your business could be devastated by injury or damage claims, whether or not the claim against you has merit.


Covering your building, contents and stock against theft, fire or other disasters is just common sense. Whether or not you own the building. It allows you to get your business back up and running with the least possible disruption should the worst happen.

With over 30 years’ experience helping business owners just like you, we will be on hand to help when your business needs it the most.


Commercial motor, fleet and plant insurance can cover your business for damage, for liability and for lost income caused by accidents. All policies can be customised to the size of your fleet and the unique driving conditions of Central Queensland and further afield.

You can also insure lost profits and for financial protection such as the gap on a loan or lease payout if the item is a write-off.

Cover plant items you own, have hired, or that you hire out yourself. Cover can be extended to include damage for lifted goods or machinery breakdown.

The Strelow team will discuss licensing restrictions or minimum age/experience for your drivers to meet the policy requirements.


As time goes on, a wider range of business are being exposed to claims of negligence or breach of duty. Those liable may not be insured under public liability alone.

The difference between professional indemnity and public liability is that professional indemnity protects against negligence or breaches of duty in relation to advice or services from your business.

Your business may not meet the traditional definition of a profession, but may still need cover.

Depending on your industry or particular risks, your insurance may need a specialty package. We can tailor packages for those in the medical field or if you assume contractual liability on a project for instance.


Every business has an exposure to cyber risk, but those who deal with large databases of client information are particularly at risk.

With businesses relying more and more on the internet to conduct business, a cyber attack can be devastating, for both you and your clients.

Cyber insurance covers your business for things you probably haven’t even thought of, like data corruption, damage to your online reputation, or your liability for client privacy being breached in a cyber attack. Standalone cyber policies can also have additional extensions to cover you for downtime of your business after an attack (lost profits) as well as remediation expenses to get you back up and running.


If you’re a registered company or a board member of a not-for-profit you should have management liability cover.

As the business owner, the buck stops with you.

Management Liability insurance complements public liability and professional indemnity, by covering:

  • Directors and officers – protects directors from being personally liable for the actions of the company.
  • Employment practices liability – provides cover in the event of Unfair dismissal, discrimination or Fair Work claims.
    • Crime – provides cover in the event of forgery, embezzlement/ misappropriation or other fraudulent acts.
  • Statutory liability – cover against government agencies imposing fines or penalties in relation to things like breaches of workplace health and safety regulations.

What happens to your business if you claim on insurance and can’t operate while repairs are undertaken? Cash flow will be strained, as plenty of your business costs (rent, for example) will continue while you are not operating. You can insure against this lost profit with a business interruption policy.

The type of business you operate will affect your policy. For example, if you were a property owner, you would insure for the value of rent you aren’t receiving if your building cannot be occupied while repairs are carried out. A bakery might insure for lost profits and payroll so they can keep qualified bakers paid and employed ready for when they start trading again.

An important thing to remember with this cover is that it generally requires a claim under the property damage section to trigger. For example, if you’re not insured for flood under your property damage section, then you won’t be covered for lost profits if the flood stops you from trading.

Aaron is our specialist in this field. He will work with you to tailor a policy to meet your needs.

Accident, Illness and Inability to work

Who needs this cover: If you’re self-employed and would suffer significant financial hardship after being unable to work due to accident or illness.

This type of policy can provide simple cover to protect your self-employment income by providing you with a weekly benefit if you’re unable to work. Payments may continue for up to 2 years of disability.

There are no health checks upfront, but in most cases all pre-existing conditions will be excluded. If you’re a tradie and need cover immediately to get on site, the Strelow Insurance & Wealth team can, in most cases, get a policy in place same day.

For a more comprehensive cover, our team an offer income protection insurance to those seeking a longer benefit period or who have pre-existing conditions.


Business insurance is a very complex area with many more covers available. 

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